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Status effects

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Status effects are temporary effects that are applied to characters and enemies that modify their stats and abilities in combat. Most effects end after a certain number of turns, and all generally end with the completion of combat.

Purge will remove positive and/or negative effects from the unit (rather than let them expire normally).

Positive Effects[edit | edit source]

Ability Lock - Prevents the use of randomly selected cards.

Block - Negates all the damage from an attack.

Counter - "Counter X%": The unit retaliates against all melee attackers with X% weapon damage.

Cover - Protection against ranged attacks. Once cover is destroyed or expires the protection ends.

Energize - Extra card(s) can be played during a single turn.

Fast Deployment - Unit with Fast Deployment can act on the same turn it is summoned.

Invisibility - Unit affected by invisibility becomes untargetable. Attacks break invisibility and gain a damage bonus.

Protect - X% of damage targeted at the directed unit is redirected to the Protector.

Reaction - "Reaction X%": Unit fires at melee attackers before their attacks, dealing X% weapon damage.

Reflect - Reflects ranged attacks to a random enemy.

Repulsion - "Repulsion X%": When attacked in melee, applies any tied effects and deals X% of the attack damage to the attacker.

Taunt - Units with Taunt force enemies to target them.

Negative Effects[edit | edit source]

Bleed - A Health damage-over-time effect that deals X% weapon damage each turn. Usually only applied when dealing damage to the Health of the unit.

Burn - "Burn X%": Deals X% weapon damage-over-time.

Confuse - Confused units either do nothing or play a random card on any unit.

Controlled - The unit affected by the controlled effect temporarily switches side for the given duration.

Critical Failure "Misfire" / "Fumble": 25-50% Weapon damage to self and waste the card that was being used.

Cryo - Unit's Initiative is decreased by "Cryo X" for 3 turns. If unit's Initiative is 0 or less, Cryo attacks deal 50% extra damage.

Disruption - Prevents use of specific card type(s).

Fear - Unit either skips the turn or uses an attack card against a random opponent with a small miss chance.

Focus - Each consecutive attack against the same target increases the user's damage against that target.

Interrupt - Prevents a card from coming into effect and it is discarded immediately.

Knockback - Unit's turn is delayed, up to the end of the current round.

Lethal - Unit is instantly killed.

Overload - Affected unit cannot draw cards until effect expires.

Plague - A stacking damage-over-time effect that only gets removed at the end of combat or by a Purge. Affected units are dealt extra 2 damage for each stack applied on them when attacked by Plague attacks.

Poison - A Health damage-over-time effect that deals X% damage each turn. Usually only applied when dealing damage to the Health of a unit.

Radiation - Prevents unit from healing or restoring shields.

Rooted - Affected unit loses its Evasion, takes 25% more melee damage and cannot use melee cards.

Shock - "Shock X" / "Shock X%: A damage over time effect that does X fixed damage or X% weapon damage to shields each turn.

Stun - Stunned unit skips the turn.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Many cards can directly increase or decrease stats without the use of Buffs or Debuffs. The most commonly-affected stats are Shield and Health. Changes to Shield and/or Health (not Temporary) tend to last outside combat, but other stats that can change during combat tend to revert once combat is over.

Armor - A flat reduction to all damage received.

Damage Resistance - A percentage reduction to all damage received.

Evasion - Chance for the unit to dodge attacks.

Initiative - Changing the Initiative of unit(s) changes the turn order. The unit with the highest Initiative acts first.